Wednesday, May 28, 2014

DIY: Potato Stamp T-Shirts

On Friday night a friend of mine (whose blog can be viewed here) came to my house for a sleepover. We'd been planning for a while and decided our activity for the night would be t-shirts with stamped patterns. WITH STAMPS MADE OF POTATOES! Naturally when we discovered this idea on craftgawker (a pinterest-like site), I. flipped. out. So! Here's the process of creating these fabulous shirts!
Step 1: Gather supplies. 

- a potato

- paint and a paper plate (we used Tulip fabric paint, but I think acrylics could work)

- something to cut the potato with, such as an x-acto knife

- a sharpie or permanent marker

- a t-shirt

- a stencil and scissors (this is optional as you could just freehand your drawing.

Katrina used a stencil of an anchor, I free-handed my drawing.
I drew a cat head on mine and cut it out with some small knives.
Here's Katrina cutting out her anchor.
This is my potato that I dubbed "Bertha Digglseworth"
Anyways, next, squeeze some paint onto the plate.
Here's a little BTS of Katrina's blog post xD

After that, dip your stamp into the paint and press it firmly onto the shirt.
I admit, I squealed as I did the first stamp.
The front in progress!

The back in progress! (Mmm look at those yummy looking potato pieces :P )

Akward me. As usual.
"No paparazzi adflkajsd;fk"


Monday, May 19, 2014


Welcome to my blog! The first question one may ask when reading the title of my blog is, " What the hecky is an idio.. idiosyncraptic?" To answer, the Merriam Webster dictionary defines idiosyncrasy as

  • an unusual way in which a particular person behaves or thinks
  • an unusual feature of something
I must tell you, I spent several hours racking my brain for a suitable blog title. I happened upon this word and immediately thought it was perfect. Thus, the title "The Opinions of an Idiosyncratic" was born! (the idiosyncratic in question is me, btw)

So. The point of this blog? Here I shall write about my thoughts on events, issues, and random topics. I'm not even sure if people will read this blog. Although, I do suppose this blog is more of for my benefit than for others because I will mostly be writing about occurrences in my life. But before you actually begin to read some of my posts, let me thrust upon you information you don't really care about.
My name is Andrea. First and foremost, I am a Christian (don't freak out). I consider myself a nerd, bookworm, gamer.. I could go on.

Now, on to real posts! I shall attempt to write an actual post soon.